A lot has changed in Reno rental market in the last couple of years. And various people come at the current housing angle from both ends. On one hand, you have the renters. That might just be you. The person who’s currently renting a home, apartment, condo, duplex… you name it. Either way, if you’re renting, you’ve probably got a cleaning deposit or pet deposit that you’d like to get back when you move out. However, if you’re the landlord, you might experience some tenants who don’t care about your property. They may have moved out without notice, leaving your property in shambles. And now, you’re rushing to get your property cleaned up so you can show it to new prospective tenants. Either way, Reno rental cleaning services from Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company can help you get your home in tip-top shape before move-ins and move-outs.

Reno Rental Cleaning for Landlords

At Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company we offer move-in/move-out cleaning services for Reno rental properties. If you’re a landlord, you already have plenty of responsibilities to keep track of. Our Reno rental cleaning services can give you peace of mind that your properties remain in excellent condition between tenants. And if you’ve had a bad experience with one of your renters, our rental cleaning services will help make the best of a bad situation.

Our Reno rental cleaning services include move-in and move-out cleaning services for both apartments and rental homes. We also offer cleaning services before or after a home sale. As a landlord or property manager, you already have plenty of responsibilities on your plate ensuring that your properties and all their appliances are in good working order. Our team of cleaning experts can go the extra mile to make sure that every single square inch of your property is spotless.

One of the worst things to encounter as a landlord is a messy or destructive tenant. Perhaps your tenant kept animals on the property that caused damage. Perhaps you rented to some college kids who threw too many wild parties. Or maybe you rented to tenants that were just plain inconsiderate and left you with a huge disgusting mess to clean! You’re most likely busy enough without having to worry about potential property damage. We offer extreme deep cleaning services to help undo even the most disgusting messes. You’ll be amazed at our ability to knock out stains and odors. 

My Personal Experience

Look, let’s be frank. As a homeowner, I’ve experienced renting out rooms to tenants for seven years. And the things I saw shocked me. Astonished me. Blew me away. I keep a very nice, tidy home (hard to believe, right). However, despite maintaining a home that’s well-organized, neat, and clean, it seems that the vast majority of renters I’ve run into simply don’t care about the property. They wouldn’t help with any of the larger chores or upkeep of the home. They didn’t help to vacuum, clean the kitchen, pick up dishes, you name it. Most of the time, their bedrooms were messy at best and disgusting at worst. And this was with ME, the landlord, LIVING WITH THEM. I can only imagine what they would have done to the property had they been there by themselves.

What this taught me was that most people are simply disorganized, messy, and don’t have any interest in living in a clean way. It gave me a whole new view on the tenant vs. landlord debate, especially considering that my family had rented for many years when I was younger. I saw many times where we spent days cleaning our rentals, scouring, scrubbing, dusting, you name it, just for the landlord to nickel and dime my mom to the point where she got back almost nothing of her deposit. Oftentimes, it was like it would have been easier to just not clean at all. So I get that.

However, having experienced the move-out process from both angles, I still empathize greatly with anyone who’s trying to get by and has their property destroyed by people who simply don’t care and don’t have much to lose. Tenants get off pretty easily a lot of the time. After all, if a tenant up and disappears, leaving your property trashed, or causes more damage than the deposit, then you’re basically left to pick up the pieces. Ya, they are technically liable… if you can track them down. And if you want to spend the time and money doing so. And if you want to take them to court, you have to foot all the bills to do so. Then if you win, you have to hope they can actually afford to pay you back for all the expenses incurred.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Most of the time, it’s not worth it. From my experience, these people move from place to place, continuing the same cycle. And again, this was what I witnessed living with these people. People who saw how I lived and how I kept my home. When you can’t keep tabs on your property on a regular basis, all sorts of bad things can happen.

Managing a property and preparing it for a new tenant can also be a process that involves a lot of stress and frustration. Especially if your past tenants were not clean or courteous. If you are renting an extra property for supplemental income, it can feel overwhelming to have to deal with messy, inconsiderate renters.

So if you’ve experienced a tenant who’s disrespected or destroyed your property and you need to get things back in order as quickly as possible, we’ve got you covered. Let us help reduce your stress and maintain the value of your property.

Reno Rental Cleaning Services We Offer

Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company offers deep cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms, including all surfaces, and fixtures. We use antibacterial cleaning products in the bathroom, including with our toilet scrub. We clean all types of flooring such as laminate, linoleum, wood, and tile. Additionally, we have state-of-the-art vacuums that can deep clean your rugs and carpets to ensure that the air on the property is free of allergens. After all, common allergens like pollen, pet dander, and dust mites can collect in rugs, and carpets, making the air stale.

Furthermore, we dust blinds, ceiling fans, and any home decor you have on the property. We are also sure to take care of one of the more neglected areas of any home, the baseboards. And trust me, this is one of those things that nobody likes to keep clean. Heck, most people don’t even remember to clean them or that they exist. And they get pretty nasty after months or years of neglect.

Finally, we offer interior window cleaning, as well as exterior cleaning of any first-story windows. We can also provide cleaning for the exterior of your property. Clearing out dead leaves and other debris from walkways and cleaning the exterior paint and trim to make your house sparkle and shine both inside and outside. So if you’ve been left high and dry or you just want to get things looking their best our Reno rental cleaning services will help make your job a whole lot easier. After all, you’ve got enough on your plate, especially if you’re just trying to make ends meet, take care of medical debt for an elderly family member, or help supplement your family’s income.

Reno Rental Cleaning for Vacation Homes

Our rental cleaning services are perfect if you rent vacation properties through services like Vrbo and Air BnB. This is especially true for landlords who live out of town or don’t have the ability to keep a watchful eye over their property in the long term. For the most part, rental service apps like these offer decent protection for the landlord and protect against tenant or renter destruction. However, should that happen, you need a way to get your place back to normal so you can keep the income flowing as planned.

If you’re renting out a furnished property, such as a long-term vacation rental, you may be interested in our home organizing services as well. We can optimize any space such as a closet, kitchen, or home office so that it is easy for your guests to keep the space tidy and organized. This can minimize the amount of mess that is left behind between guests. Couple that with our regular residential cleaning services, and you’ll never have to worry about getting anything less than a 5-star review from your guests.

Reno Rental Cleaning for Tenants

Moving is one of the most stressful life events for a reason. It takes a lot of mental and emotional energy to uproot one’s home and change locations. And for most renters, it’s not easy to find the time to stop everything you’re doing, start deep cleaning one place, looking for another, packing, saving, taking care of a family, and working. We get it. It’s a lot to handle.

If you are renting a home or apartment, we are also here to help you as well. Again, as I said above, I’ve been on the renter side of this whole experience as well. And I know there are good renters out there and bad landlords. You hear horror stories all the time of landlords who just bleed tenants dry, especially when they’re in vulnerable situations. It’s a shame that it happens, especially considering that an honorable person or family trying to do right can be done so wrong.

We know housing prices are at an all-time high, and that getting your cleaning deposit back can go a long way towards helping to cover moving expenses. After all, with how expensive it is to live in Reno these days, it’s not unreasonable to expect a move to cost at least $3000-$5000 out of pocket. With the first month, last month, cleaning deposit, pet deposits, and actual moving expenses, we know every little bit helps. That’s why it’s important that you get as much of your current cleaning deposit back from your landlord. And that you receive what’s rightfully yours as quickly as possible.

Spending a Little Bit Can Save You a Lot in the Long Run

It’s also important to have good references when applying to rent at a new location. Maintaining a good relationship with past landlords is a good idea. By booking our cleaning services we help you get as much of your cleaning deposit back as possible. Furthermore, your landlord will become a great reference for any future applications. And for anyone in the know, references make a HUGE difference. A good word from someone trustworthy can save you a ton of money and heartache in the future. Just think of it like having good credit.

Plus if you’ve been struggling on your own to tackle a stain on the carpet, or to get some gunk out of the grout in the bathroom, we may be able to save the day! Again, moving is a tough time. We get it! If you’re trying to maintain your normal life while also uprooting yourself and your family, it’s highly recommended that you hire a reno cleaning company to help make the whole experience easier.

While it may seem counterintuitive to spend money to get your money back, the convenience factor is definitely worth considering. Couple that with the ability to stay focused on your life and your move. In our opinion, it’s the way to go. So if you’re in need of help cleaning your rental, call Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company. We can’t wait to help you during your transition into a new home. We promise to help ease the stress that comes with moving.

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Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company is your go-to solution for the best maids and housekeepers in Reno. We proudly offer residential cleaning services, commercial business cleaning services, and personal organizing services in Reno and Sparks, NV. We can help you clean your home or office by regularly scheduling our cleaning services. Additionally, we offer move-in/move-out deep cleans, special event cleaning, holiday cleaning, and more! We even offer personal organizing services!

Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company is exactly what it says it is. We provide the biggest and best cleaning services in Reno, Sparks, and Spanish Springs. After all, it’s the little details that matter most.

We founded this Reno housekeeping company on trust, honesty, and loyalty. We’re dedicated and attentive to our customers’ needs. If you’re looking for an amazingly clean home, look no further than Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company. You can contact us by phone at (775) 437-8101 or by emailing us at [email protected]

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