With major corporations like Amazon and Walmart pretty much dominating the United States economy, it is so difficult for a small business to make it in today’s day and age. More and more local street-side family businesses are closing their doors due to illegal monopolies that are controlled by international companies.

These locally owned small businesses are so much more important to our community than most people think. They are our neighbors, our friends, and a part of the towns that we love and live in. When you support a small business, you are fostering a thriving local economy and community. If everybody only paid major corporations for their goods and services, those giant companies would control the nation, even more than they already do.

Here at Biggest Little Cleaning Company, our locally owned small business cares about our Reno/Sparks community. We know that as a community we are stronger, and because of this, we ask you to stick together when it comes to supporting small businesses in our community. In order to help, we have put together a list of different ways you can do your part.

Make Sure You Shop Locally and from Local Online Stores

We know how easy it is to just pop open your Amazon app and have all your stuff delivered to you within a couple of days. They make it that easy on purpose. Also, you get all that great TV with your Amazon Prime membership, and we all know how much we Americans love our TV.

The majority of your local business will have an online presence with a shopping cart. Most will even have shipping options. All it takes is a few extra minutes to search for that local shop you saw on your way home from the store, for you to do your part in supporting local businesses. The more you buy locally, the longer the locally owned small business will stay open and the stronger your local economy will be. The stronger the local economy, the better off everyone in your community in the long run.

Share Posts & Articles on Social Media

With most everything online nowadays, social media is a very important venue for small businesses. Websites like Facebook and Instagram are not just for cute animal videos for the small business owner, but an important advertising platform that can really make or break a small business. 

Most internet-savvy businesses will spend a lot of money advertising on social media platforms just in order to stay afloat. When you share one of their posts or advertisements, such as a sale or a new product, you are allowing their message to reach people online without them having to pay for it. That saves the company money that they can further invest in the community. With just a few clicks of your mouse or thumb, you are helping your favorite locally owned small business advertise for free and increase its online presence.

Buy Company Merch

In our post-COVID world, there are so many small businesses that just did not make it through. You can drive down the road and see all of the available commercial real estate that used to house local companies.

While a t-shirt with a local cleaning company’s logo on it may not be in line with your razor-sharp fashion sense when you buy and wear commercial merchandise from locally owned small businesses, you are not only increasing that company’s bottom line, but you are also a walking talking billboard for them that doesn’t cost $1,000 per month. Buying and regularly wearing a company’s merch is one of the best ways to support a local small business.

Spread the Word About Your Favorite Locally Owned Small Business

If you have a favorite local restaurant or a knick-knack shop, tell your family and friends about it. Since the very begging of industry, word of mouth has been the very best way to advertise goods and services. Someone can see the same TV commercial or hear the same radio ad a hundred times and still won’t give that company a second thought. When someone that they know and trusts tell them about how great a company is, most of the time they will take that statement as a fact of law.

If you’ve had a good experience at a local business or have really been blown away by their service, making an effort to spread the word is another fantastic way to support your favorite locally owned small business. Tell family. Tell friends. Share experiences online. Reccomend them whenever you find the opportunity. It’s just awesome to do.

Write a Nice Review About Locally Owned Small Business Locations & Service Providers

While on the topic of the power of word-of-mouth advertising, the reviews on Google and other websites like Facebook and Yelp act just like getting a recommendation from a friend. When someone is searching for a good or service online, many will just plain skip over the listings that have no or bad reviews. While a whole bunch of good reviews is sometimes all it takes for someone to decide to hire or buy from the business.

Leaving a good review, or even just clicking five stars has a tremendous impact on how well a small business will do in the long run. As far as reviews go, you will always have that one “Karen” who is going to leave a bad review no matter how well the business performed. Sometimes people are just impossible to please. We all know them. And when those people leave bad reviews for a local business, even one can affect sales. However, if enough conscious-minded people leave enough good reviews, that one bad review will be buried. As a result, its effect will be lessened.

The Biggest Little Small Business in Reno

Our locally owned small business serves the Reno/Sparks area. We strive to lend a helping hand in our community. That way all our small businesses have a fighting chance to make it in today’s tough economy. Furthermore, we offer commercial and residential cleaning and housekeeping services, and we try to keep local businesses here in the Washoe County area so that it is our community that benefits.

If you choose to hire us, we hope that this article really helps you with the knowledge to help the Biggest Little Cleaning Company, and other locally owned small businesses keep our local economy thriving. Support your community as much as possible. We’ll all benefit from shopping locally and working with local companies.

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