It’s always a great idea to have people over… when it’s still just an idea. Then comes the day before or even the day of. Soon it hits you. You realize just how much you need to do to get ready and how much prep work you have to do. Suddenly, your little get-together becomes a real chore, a headache, a pain in the butt! Ugh, what have you gotten yourself into? And oh, no! The cleanup!! The afterparty cleaning is the worst!!

Cleaning the bathrooms, setting up additional furniture, and making sure there are enough snacks and refreshments for everyone are just a few of the things that need to be done before that big party. Then when folks start showing up and the drinks start flowing, it’s great! Then you wake up the next morning, tired and maybe even hungover and you are faced with the massive afterparty cleaning job that needs to be done.

Depending on what kind of party you had, the afterparty cleaning job could be big or small. There are some people out there who have parties where only a handful of friends sit around a coffee table sipping tea and quietly discussing their favorite books. Parties like these are great, but generally don’t require bringing in the big dogs to clean up afterward.

No Afterparty Cleaning Jobs are Too Big or Too Small

If you feel inclined to hire our cleaning professionals here at Reno’s Biggest Little Cleaning Company to come and wash your teacups after your little get-together, we would be happy to take that job. Perhaps we could chat about some other services we offer such as exterior cleaning, window washing, or some organizing that needs to be done around your house as well.

That being said, most of our afterparty cleaning clients do not drink much tea. These parties generally involve many more people that like to leave the tea-drinking for the workdays and are looking to blow off some steam.

Many times, this involves some parents who have dropped the kids off at grandma’s for the night who just want to invite a few close friends over for some drinks. Then those close friends invite their close friends and visa versa. Then come midnight, they have a house full of intoxicated “friends” who are just drinking more and more as the night goes on. Out of nowhere, it seems their little “get together” got a bit out of hand.

Party Animals Leave Big Messes

Then there are folks who go out of their way to make sure their party is going down in the record books. When you actively try to invite everyone possible, with the full and complete knowledge that you are going to wreck your house, you will generally get what you ask for. We are talking keg stands in the kitchen, friends peeing in the bushes, and very likely a visit or two from the police during the night.

We have all pretty much been there. When you just have a blast the night before as things start to get a little fuzzy towards the end of the night. You wake up, most likely on the floor of the living room, (hopefully not in the bathroom) with that throbbing headache, your mind racing as it tries desperately to put the pieces together as to how you got there. Then the image of some of your friends playing human cannonball in the backyard which resulted in Trevor’s head going through the kitchen window begins to surface. Ah, memories.

Blurry-eyed, you manage to sit yourself upright, greeted with the sight of beer bottles and red plastic cups littered everywhere in your house. Here and there is the peacefully sleeping partygoer you have never seen before in your life, and yes… that’s right, you most definitely smell vomit.

You’re Going to Want… NEED Afterparty Cleaning Sevices!

Even if your party wasn’t a raging festival set to go down in the records books, here at the Biggest Little Cleaning Company, we will come out to your house and do the afterparty cleaning that nobody else wants to do the next day! We will even come out before the party and make sure your house and property are spick and span before the guests arrive. We are all very meticulous maids and caring cleaners. When it comes to afterparty cleaning, by the time we’re done, your house will be cleaner than before the party even started.

What We’ll Do For You

Baby showers, birthdays, graduation celebrations, and even just a simple game night will all leave messes that our Reno maids can take care of. That way you can just enjoy your friends and family without having to worry about how much of a mess everyone is making. 

We will clean bathrooms with anti-bacterial toilette scrubbing, streak-free mirror cleaning, floor cleaning, and more. Then we will move on to the bedrooms and vacuum everywhere, wash your bed linens and even wash and put away your laundry. Regardless of how big your party was, it’s generally the kitchen that takes the brunt of the mess. We will clean and scour every inch of your sinks and countertops. We will clean fixtures, ovens, and stoves, do dishes and even mop your kitchen floor.

Most get-togethers all eventually wind up outside especially if the weather is nice. Our afterparty cleaning services include exterior cleaning as well. We will collect all the trash and reorder any debris left over by the party as well as sweep up and rake the yard.

Call us today and schedule your afterparty cleaning so you can get to the good stuff, just having fun!

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